Hardstreet designs, builds, and assembles it's
products in
North Carolina. The designers and
production staff are motivated to build you the very
best. You will find that very same pride in every product
Hardstreet produces. We stand behind our products
and care about your riding experience.
From the beginning cool design has always been the Hardstreet way. We  have never been
satisfied with just good enough. We expect more just like you.  The two brothers who started
Hardstreet have been designing bikes for over
22 years. Ken and Glen Laivins have raced
and ridden their entire lives. So it's not surprising that they would build a company that can
make their designs into reality. From exotic V-twin bikes to full blown race bikes.
Hardstreet builds quality hard saddlebags for Harley-Davidson, Victory and Metric Motorcycles.Our saddlebags are Made In The U.S.A.
and are designed for all weather riding and have twice the capacity of most leather saddlebags. It’s Just The Hardstreet Way!

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