The Hardstreet Sixer Saddlebags were
designed to be a compact bag that
holds 1600 sq. inches per bag, and are
constructed from high-temp
injection-molded ABS. Fits standard/
metric large, midsize and light cruisers.
All New Slimbags tuck in closer than
Hardstreet Classic Tour Bags and can
be used with many popular quick
release bracket systems. Fits midsize to
large cruisers.
The Classic Tour Bags are perfect for
long distance riding. The roomy 2400
sq. in. per bag lets you take it all. Even
the bulky rain jackets and half helmets.
Fits midsize to large cruisers.
Hardstreet builds quality hard saddlebags for Harley-Davidson, Victory and Metric Motorcycles.Our saddlebags are Made In The U.S.A.
and are designed for all weather riding and have twice the capacity of most leather saddlebags. It’s Just The Hardstreet Way!

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